WHO I AM (the short version)

Fell in love with pictures in my youth.

Saw the world in B&W, then hopped the e-train. Crossed paths with Garry Winogrand, worshipped Ansel Adams, took on large format, softened my focus in the alternative. Created tableau and exhibited them. Wrestled with the singular nature of gum.

Attracted to the still, to beauty, to grace, to the whisper of perfection and the heartbreak of a light beam.

Sold my first work for £10. Captured the political and the creative. Shot fashion, portraiture, architecture and art. Paid my dues in public relations.

Styled my own shots, carried my own bags, developed my own film, printed my own work.

Found a calling in Food & Drink. Opened a restaurant with my Guy. Raised a couple of artists. Find myself in the Mid-West.